h o m e
t h e a t e r s

We specialize in unique, movie quality artistic effects in the most entertaining room in your home.  DaVinci Works collaborates with audio installers, lighting, furniture and design professionals to  make your theater experience stunning. 

We can also build a complete movie set or make it look like a classic old time theater. The choice is really up to you! 

t h e a t e r   s k i e s

b l a c k l i g h t
m u r a l s

Blacklights, which illuminate fluorescent paints using the ultraviolet (uv) spectrum make for some incredible theater ceilings! We can make a mural look like a night sky filled with eye-popping stars, clouds and moonlight, or one of many other fantastic ideas. We pride ourselves in making our blacklight murals look refined instead of over-the-top.

Shown above is actually a mural we painted!  We use 365 or 390 nanometer blacklight fixtures depending on what the artwork in the mural dictates. This one is 365 nm, which has less purple light, more natural colors and higher contrast. We provide installations that can be controlled by a switch or a smart device to turn the effect on and off, and shift between different balances of stars and clouds.

We can even make a day sky turn into a night sky with the flip of a switch! We install tape, flood, and spot black light systems to properly illuminate the ceiling.

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